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27th - 2nd A U G U S T



Happy Sunday!

Schedule is the same for this week except for one addition:

Yoga for Netball!

Wednesday 29th 7.30pm 60 mins.

Suggested minimum donation £3 (or part of regular pricing plan)

Suitable for All Levels but expect to sweat!

A dynamic class created for an 'athletic body and mind'. We look at how to be more efficient and savvy in our movements, through understanding, connecting with, activating and mobilising the right mechanisms in the right order. Whilst this session is specific to the movement patterns and needs of Netball players, a lot of what is covered can be transferred to other sports so feel free to come along even if you've never heard of the word Netball before!

Workshop & Theme

The last few weeks have been focussed on hips and knees so to complete the lower half of 'heads, shoulders, knees and toes' next week's workshop and class theme is 'ankles and feet'. We will be looking at those things that make up the physical foundations of our standing asanas and how they work alongside our hips and knees to keep our lower body stable, strong and functioning well.


Anyone interested in listening to a podcast about the importance of our breath, found a great one that I listened to this evening whilst making a stir fry! Deliciously Ella interviews James Nester about his book 'Breath' where they discuss the power of conscious breath. The podcast is a really great introduction to the way our breath is interconnected with our internal systems, and how and why we should learn to control and maximize this 'free' tool we have at our disposal. Everything spoken about is steeped in history and scientific research but the chat stays light, relevant & accessible.

Let me know what you think if you have a listen!


For now, classes are still running on a donation basis (free for unemployed) as I would much rather you were there if you want to be than you weren't!

See you all on the virtual mat next week :)



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