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I was a complete novice when I started taking Trina’s classes. Her calm and gentle nature has made me feel confident in my yoga development. She has a vast knowledge of not only the world of yoga but also she has a love of fitness and wellbeing which comes through in her classes.  Her teaching is very diverse, it encourages you to push your ability. She is always there to encourage you and make sure that you get the most of each session.

~ Caroline


Excellent classes which are challenging yet fun! Trina is great at encouraging people and helping their practice advance and improve.

~ Chris

I have had the privilege to undertake many of Trina's yoga sessions from her restorative to more advanced vinyasa yoga, she always brings great energy, and her ability to mix strength, flexibility and relaxation in the same class makes for a truly enjoyably experience. She provides a warm and supportive atmosphere for her students and is attentive to everyone’s needs. Her yoga wisdom and sense of calm are among the first things one senses when getting on the mat. Thank you Trina!

~ Milly

Trina's passion for and wisdom of yoga are very much evident in her classes. She is extremely attentive and encouraging, making sure that you stay smiling and breathing throughout! She is warm and caring, to the point where she will even follow up privately sometimes after class to consult on anything specific, and puts a lot of effort into tailoring her classes to be relevant to what we might be experiencing in our day to day, which I love. I definitely feel stronger and calmer thanks to you, Trina! x

~ Neroli

Yoga with Trina in dynamic and challenging with a good mix of relaxation thrown in there for good measure! Trina is flexible with her teaching and offers a variety of poses for those who wish to challenge themselves and also for those who want to take it a bit slower during the practice. Trina’s knowledge is demonstrated in her ability to explain poses and in the creative way she puts classes together. If there is something new you want to try or are working up to Trina will guide you in the right direction!


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