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31st-6th S E P T E M B E R


TECHNOLOGICAL ISSUES! (sorry it's a tad late!)

So I had attempted to schedule this weekly news to be sent on Sunday you might imagine this did not quite go to plan! So I am back from cycling around the hilly, beautiful Isle of Wight ready with a full schedule this week.


Spirals are everywhere in the natural world and this week our workshop and theme will be explore the infinite pattern that is the spiral, its connection to nature, the body's movement patterns and how it functions in mobility and stability

Park Yoga (Battersea)

Thank you so so much to everyone who came to last Monday night's park class! It absolutely TIPPED it down for the hour before the class but being drenched on my cycle across London was totally worth it to teach a water element flow to you guys. We managed the full hour without a raindrop and no-one drowned!

Park classes coming soon...

Saturday 5th 11am

Monday 7th 7pm

Saturday 12th 4pm

If you want to join a class, please reserve a space using 'ParkYoga' reservation payment plan' (free) but you can pay after the class (website or online) to allow for adverse weather.


Slight change to a 7pm class on Sunday as I'm now doing another anatomy based yoga teacher training course! It is an All Levels Flow and Reset class, similar to the Sunday morning class but a little more 'pm' feel.

Next week there will be NO week DAY classes as I'm training (but will have two park classes if the weather allows plus the addition of a Saturday morning gentle flow!)

For now, classes are still running on a donation basis (free for unemployed) as I would much rather you were there if you want to be than you weren't!

See you all on the virtual or park mat next week :)



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